I’m Giving Up…

How many times have you said these words about something you eat?!

“I’m giving up sugar.”
“I’m giving up cinnamon rolls.”
“I’m giving up cheese.”

My clients and I call this “The Old Way”. Of making a certain food “bad”, of depriving ourselves of something we honestly enjoy eating, of trying to talk ourselves into being content with less than what we wish for.

Does it work? Sure…..but not for long, have you noticed?.
Just until the work of trying to tightly control what you eat all the time becomes way too exhausting. And then you quit, until the next time…..

Here’s an example of a FAR better way that works, that’s enjoyable and sustainable. It’s authentic and it’s personal.

It also happens to be the story of how coffee “gave me up” just recently.

On and off over the years I’ve “given up” coffee. I’m pretty good at this, believe me; I’ve done it LOTS of times!

And this time was very different:

Around the beginning of June I started noticing that I wasn’t enjoying coffee quite as much as usual. Hmmmm, what’s going on? I thought I loved coffee. I also believed it was a struggle to “give it up”.

But that was my Old Way of doing things around food, the way most of us have tried to control ourselves, and what we think we should or shouldn’t be eating, or in this case, drinking.

Enter the New Way…..

I started noticing that it wasn’t as much fun as it used to be, and really began paying close attention, tuning in to the feelings, both physical and emotional, that I was having. Every morning, going through the usual pattern of heading into the kitchen, grinding coffee, smelling it, etc, etc.

But THIS time paying attention. Paying very close attention.

I went toward what my body seemed to want me to hear, to know, to acknowledge. I listened. Every day, in all the ritual surrounding coffee, I got quiet, let my body do the talking, and got willing to listen to a very subtle message. It got louder, and because now I know how to listen, I could respond easily in a way that honored what my body was asking of me. In doing this, I found out, without pushing, controlling, or overriding, that I actually don’t want coffee every day anymore.

What did I do?

I listened, and kept on listening. And you may think that after 23 years of teaching other smart people this stuff, it would have been just a given for me, yet I still needed the tools that I teach everyone else for this.

And now, a month later? I have coffee when I authentically want it, when it gives me real pleasure, and when it feels good. And that turns out to be about once a week or two.

No controlling. No “bad” coffee! No deprivation. No discontent.

Instead? Real pleasure and feeling really great on all levels about this.

The fact is, most of us need help with first recognizing, then bringing the subtle cues our bodies give us to the strong, clear light of day.

If you’re curious about how you can do this too, let’s chat.

Are you trying to “give up” something? Are you ready to find out how to support your body, mind and soul in discovering what you REALLY want, in service to authentically enjoying your food and living in a body you love?

Then let’s do this thing, Sister!

Here’s to awakening your natural relationship with food, body and soul,


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