I won’t eat something just because…

*it’s “healthy” but I’m not drawn to it
* someone I’m with is eating it
* someone is sure I’ll love it!
* it’s (insert trigger-y occasion here), and that’s when we usually eat
(insert expected to be consumed food here) 
*someone went to effort to make it, assuming I’d eat it for this reason,
but didn’t actually ask me if I wanted it first

In a world where roughly 200 books in the nutritional sciences and eating field are published each MONTH, it’s easy to forget and disown the inner wisdom about what feels right and good.

Couple this with societal pressures to conform and we’ve got a potentially toxic soup. Devoid of any yumminess, laced with obligatory poison of the Pleaser mentality.

These are some NO’s I’m practicing right now that shake down to being personal
YESES, that feel good, that help me remember who I am today in my world of eating – 
Soooo good.

My hope is they help you in claiming and creating your own…the ones that are real and true for you…

For me, these are about being the author of my experience with how I’m eating
for any given day, or meal.
I re-commit to these when I begin feeling disconnected from my body,
how I really want to be feeling, and asking this –

“What does it look like to own my inner authority around this?”

For me, these are empowering boundaries of love.
What do you think?
What are yours?


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