Personalized Private Coaching

Let me know my own value, beauty and worthiness without question.
~ Tosha Silver

This is Your Most Powerful Option if...

  • You want results fast
  • You haven’t been able to stay with new habits long term
  • Your confidence and belief in yourself feel shaky
  • You love personal support and shine with it
  • You tend to thrive with structure/practices that are highly customized for who you are and what you want
  • You don’t have extended experience in brain habit re-training

What got you here won’t get you back out.
When we’re serious about lasting change, almost all of us
need some short term help with this.

Because we need to first create and then STAY in new practices and experiences long enough to weaken the saboteurs we’ve all got.  We need to get so strongly, solidly identified with this new version of ourselves that we’re no longer easily thrown off balance.



This coaching will be different from anything you've done before, in part due to two exceptional tools:

You’ll learn state of the art neuroscience practices of Positive Intelligence work that weaken saboteurs, strengthen Sage wisdom, and build your muscles of presence and personal power through the neuroscience of habit change.

You’ll learn in-the-moment Body-Centered practices that get you out of your head and back into your body, so you don’t need to numb out, run from your emotions. You’ll be making your eating choices from a deeply informed, body knowing place.   


This is my favorite way to work.
It's also why for 24 years I've been able to walk past all the sugary stuff I was once addicted to without sabotaging myself...even when my confidence is low, or I'm emotional or tired.

It's a Soul-Nourishing Journey...

We take the time to sink you back into yourself with love, grace and kind self-honesty.

I fall a little bit in love with every courageously beautiful woman I work with because every single one of you is amazing.

You are one of a limited number of private clients; except for my family and a handful of beloveds, you are my first priority.

You are in my contemplations and meditations. I leave you little messages and invite  you into “Joywork” and deepening practices that are unique to you and where you are right now, for this moment and in this meal.

Find out if this is for you with a free Clarity Session.

We’ll explore together what you most long for, what’s in the way, and what support you need to get there.

You’ll come away with fresh clarity and a sense of possibility and resourcefulness moving forward. We’ll also see if we’re a good fit for creating your magic together!

This is my work in the world and as such it’s a zero strings attached gift. And it’s good to say yes to the gifts the universe plunks in front of us:)

What Women are Saying:

“I no longer feel like I’m out of sync with my body…I think the work we’ve done is critical to supporting me and helping to change my feelings about my body.

I’m able to see this from a much different place than I would have even two weeks ago. Thank you for helping me remember that I am the source of wisdom I seek!

It’s the experience of myself that counts. I’m much more in tune with my body. Now, I’m committed to a relaxed way of interacting with life.”
~ Nance, Founder in Tech Engineering, Aeronautics