Quieting the Noise Inside Your Head

I was deep into a day of way too much.

Too much noise, literally and metaphorically.
Too much information.
Too many choices.
Too much knowledge, even…

In particular the cacophony of nutritional data, articles, books, etc…

Reminder to myself…
And what if we all did this?!
I read a lot about food as a part of my work. 
Some days my head feels chaotically crowded 
with the noise of information. 
This is especially true with the science of nutrition. 
Is there too much to know?

And then I remember…
The only thing I really HAVE to know is this-
what does my body feel like right now?

Right now. 
Stop and feel.  
Eckhart Tolle says we can only do one thing at a time.
No matter what we may believe about multi-tasking.

What if you and I both choose to do one at a time fully?
All the way… 
How deep could you take this?
How much pleasure, fulfillment, deep nourishment could you
extract from your life and from your food today?


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