September 14th on Zoom at
6:00pm PT, 7:00pm MT, 9:00pm ET
Eating Well with Divine Discipline -
How to Lovingly Draw
Your Line in the Sand

Self-Connection | Calm Awareness | Eating Authentically

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Sept 14th – Divine Discipline:
Lovingly Draw Your Line in the Sand 

We’ll talk about how to sustainably invite ourselves into the kindest, yet most effective and empowering ways to keep agreements with ourselves around eating and caring for our physical selves.

  • Why it’s so powerful to know, face and honor your line in the sand.
  • The difference between old school, hard-ass willpower and high level divine discipline and how to make this work for you.  

Here's Why We're Really Doing This:)

As women, how we eat and feel about ourselves and our bodies is deeply connected with how we show up in the world…for ourselves, in close relationships, in our work or calling in the world.

When we do what it takes to get really comfortable in our own energetic (and literal skin) we stop the subtle habit of “waiting until”… anything. We warm up the muscles of loving and honoring who we are right now. We begin to eat well gently, listening to our inherent inner messages and trusting the voices of our bodies.

As we strengthen this inner Sage power, we heal our personal history around food and body. Because everything’s connected, we also start showing up unapologetically in the other places in life we’ve been playing small…

We accept the sometimes messy/beautiful invitations to expand.
We empower ourselves financially.
We ask for what we really want in our close relationships.
We raise our voices strongly and unapologetically.

Great support for:

COVID – related and general stress or anxiety
Slow metabolism
Overeating or emotional eating
Life transitions

What women say about this work:

“You are a beautiful stand for truth, authenticity and expansion. I had a wonderful natural joyful experience. Oh, the magic of presence.”

“Working with you really empowers me as a woman!”

“I’m really getting how this is both about and NOT about the food.”

“You’re a conduit that helps me access a higher and deeper version of myself.”

“Food, guilt, shame and self-criticism have been demons in my psyche. Old patterns die hard. Thank you so much for including me in this circle of strength and wisdom.”

SoulNourish© Free Monthly Women’s Gathering

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