The Sovereign Sage
Positive Intelligence©
Foundations Course

WHY is it that even though you’re so clear about HOW you want to be eating, moving your body more, or practicing better self-care, you can't seem to get yourself to stick with it?!

I think it’s the most frustrating, daunting thing z wrestle with when we want to change something for ourselves, and try as we might it just ain’t working!

If your Inner Complainer sounds like this –

I know what I need to change with food… or I really want to be exercising more…or I know I need to snack less at night…but I just can’t I get myself to stick with it, no matter what I try…

  …Then finally understanding this dynamic and knowing what to do about it will be incredibly liberating!

It’s a 6 – week course is taught in the context of eating, food habits and relationship to body. Right away you’ll also start noticing how it’s organically supporting you in shifting OTHER significant areas of your life. It will raise up your relationships, your communications, your parenting and your work life.  It will especially help you lift your overall experiences of happiness, calm and peace.

It works equally from conference table to kitchen table and will support all of you -you as business owner, as parent of a teenager, and as daughter of aging parents. You get the idea…

Understanding how subtly but constantly Saboteurs can run you, how this works in the brain to keep you stuck, and then learning what you can do to change this in real-time will bring you a whole new brand of freedom – so much will become clearer for you!


As a coach for 24 years, I’m convinced that insight without the consistency of structured practice will not equal true transformation. And even though I’ve healed my relationship with sugar, I struggled a ton with motivation and self-sabotage in a few other areas of life until I took on these very simple practices.

In the past year Positive Intelligence© has rocked my world both professionally and personally.

It’s dramatically helped me change how I view, heal and solve my most gnarly and life-long glitchy places. I’ve made big life changes I’ve freed up a ton of energy. I’m happier, more effective, way calmer and more peaceful. 

I became part of the first group of coaches in the world trained to teach this powerful practice, and I’m so happy to be offering this work!

What You'll Get in This Course:

You’ll identify your top Saboteurs and begin weakening them to bring your relationship with food into a healthier, more relaxed balance.

You’ll learn and strengthen your Sage powers quickly, your calm inner knowing, so you can make choices from calm empowerment instead of negativity and reaction.

You’ll gain clarity, lower stress and anxiety and quiet the limiting voices in your head.

You’ll learn exactly how your most active Saboteurs are blocking you from creating what you want and the burden of the lies you’ve been operating under.

In The Eight-Week Sovereign Sage Course, You'll:

Leaf only

Learn you main Saboteurs and how they show up

Leaf only

Train your brain to weaken these Saboteurs

Leaf only

Learn how to use your 5 Sage powers for empowerment

Leaf only

Practice using your Sage perspective to lower stress and create calm

Leaf only

Connect and practice your new skills in a small live interactive group    

It's Offered a Few Times a Year -
The Next Course Begins January 2023

You’ll learn tiny 10 second practices you’ll use throughout the day.
The daily practice takes you 10 – 15 minutes.
You’ll have access to a powerful app to remind you and to make it fun!


  • Cost: $295 
  • Weekly 1-hour recorded lessons
  • Weekly 1 hour live Zoom  gatherings that dive deeper into each lesson
  • Facebook Group for connecting, celebration and support
  • Limited to 15 likeminded women
  • Register early now and save $45

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