The Power of Your Own Metabolism

I hope spring finds you thriving, happy and feeling nourished by life!

Here in Northern California, the glory days of spring are sweeping down out of the mountains. Cool nights, fresh sunny days, and a zillion different colors of green…so very gorgeous

I just turned 63 and feel incredibly fortunate for my health.

Although I eat well, my work keeps me busy; I’m not as consistent as I want to be about getting out and moving my body.  I’m pretty expert with the excuses, so that’s what I’m working on right now -:)

Still, I’m able to maintain my ideal body size pretty easily, and I credit the principles of Natural Metabolism for a lot of this.
If you’re over 40, learning how to work with the natural laws of metabolism is one of the simplest ways to easily maintain healthy weight.

And if you’re low energy, mid-afternoon slumps that have you reaching for caffeine or sugar, or you have craving at certain times of the days, this will be helpful. If you’re a sporadic eater, your body doesn’t know what it can expect for food, or when.

That’s like sending a massage like this to our bodies –

“You may have just moved to a desert island, and the food’s pretty scarce here,
so hang onto every calorie you can!”

I’m working with a client right now who’s struggled with slow weight gain as she’s gotten older, and she’s learning why this matters so much –

She says some days, it’s “I’ll just grab something later at work, when I’m hungry.”
Other days, it’s “We’re going out for dinner, so I’ll skip lunch today.”
Some days, breakfast, some days, nope.

When we eat erratically, we’re essentially telling our bodies,

“Hang on to these calories, because I can’t promise when you’ll get your next meal.

If you’ve ever restricted your food intake and wondered why you haven’t lost weight, or you’ve even gained some although you’re eating so little, this is probably why.

This is non-caloric weight retention, an incredibly discouraging dynamic that accounts for a ton of self-judgment and giving up.

Metabolism like a nice, hot, well burning fireplace, happily burning calories and energy.

Here’s what you can do to heat up your metabolism:

Give your body the respect it deserves-

Start eating breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly.
Eat your meals within the same 2-hour window each day –

Here’s an example:

Breakfast 7-9am, lunch 11:30-1:30pm, dinner 6- 8pm.
Snacks should also loosely follow a time window too.

Use the windows that work for YOUR life.

By doing this you’ll be letting your body know it’s okay to burn calories, and to turn up your metabolic heat!

Build a stable schedule around your nourishment-

Don’t let work/family/friends de-stabilize your schedule.
Communicate what you’re doing for yourself and CLAIM it.

You be the rock in the river here-

Let them flow around YOU, not the other way around.

Last, be patient.
Real metabolic re-set will take a 2-4 weeks.

Your body needs to be able to trust your consistency.

You may even gain a little weight while your confused body is trying to figure out what’s going on now.

Desert island? Or the land of plenty?
Stay off the scale, relax, breathe and trust the process -:)


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