Where’s Your Wildfire?

Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s wildfire season, and there are fires everywhere.  Starting with a spark from a lightning strike, little fires will sometimes burn quietly and almost invisibly for days, until they reach a mass that throws off enough smoke to finally be seen.

It’s usually the smoke, not the fire that shows us there’s a wildfire to deal with.

This is a powerful metaphor for food, weight and body image challenges.

It’s really the same for us.  The “smoke” is just a symptom of a fire burning just below the surface.   In the context of food, it often creates huge dramatic billows of smoke in our lives.

The “smoke” might be overeating even when you’re not hungry.
Or eating foods you know don’t feel good in your body.
Or crashing with sugar.
Or being mean to yourself in front of the mirror.

The fire is always something deeper.  It’s never all about the food, even though it might look like it.

Maybe you’re facing a challenge with your work, your relationship or your aging parent; it can take many forms.

The “smoke” is here to ask us to attend to the fire, so we can breathe easily again.

It’s an invitation that actually comes from a wiser part of us that knows it’s time to for change.  The more smoke, the bigger this invitation is.  When we do this, when we start attending to our fire, we eat from a more relaxed and self- trusting place. 

We are kinder to ourselves in mirrors. 
We metabolize our food better.
Our nutritional uptake is far more efficient.

We can naturally begin to tune into the right foods in the best quantities for our bodies, without needing the “smoke” of two pieces of cheesecake after a big dinner we never fully enjoyed in the first place.

Here’s what you can do to breathe clean air again if you’re noticing there’s a lot of “smoke” in your life these days.

Ask yourself…

“What’s going on that’s underneath my need to overeat right now?”
“Is there something I don’t want to see or to face in my life?”

It’s a great kindness to yourself, this courageous act of simply naming a thing. 
Of facing, of saying,  “Yes, okay.  Here it is”.

Over time this will be life, food and body altering.

I guarantee it.  This has been true for me and for 100% of my clients, and it will be true for you too.

From this place, you can get clear on what you’re actually hungry for, and it’s usually not food…

This is an almost universal, but complex set-up, and sometimes not so easy to unravel on your own.

If you’re not sure what to do about the fire underneath your “smoke”, and you’re getting a little tired of coughing all the time, connect with me for a free Deep Clarity Session and I’ll help you do just that.

Here’s to awakening your natural relationship with food and body and soul,


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