Why Eating for Pleasure Helps You Look Great Jeans

We are SO wired for pleasure in the food department. 
But how can eating for pleasure possibly help you look great in your jeans?!


A few days ago, a single perfectly ripe early strawberry in the garden reminded me of how deeply this simple truth runs.
How we can use it as a powerful tool in creating the easy, satisfying relationship with food and our bodies that we really want.   It was a gorgeous berry a client had picked it and given me, moments before.

I felt it still vibrating with life.

Yes, okay, with a single first garden fresh strawberry, it’s easy to eat slowly and savor, right?  After all, there WAS only one………

It made me wonder, though… what would happen if we could eat this way all the time?

What if you savored every bite of chocolate this way, or let yourself completely revel in your ice cream, instead of feeling guilty while you’re eating it, or worrying about how much you’re eating?

The lives of the clients I serve are living answers to these questions.

They learn how to eat whatever they authentically want (while wearing their favorite jeans) and you can, too.

Here’s why this matters:

When we learn how to be aware whenever we’re eating ANYTHING, a few remarkable things start to happen:

  • We find out how much we actually want of what we’re eating.
  • We find out how much (or how little) we actually enjoy it.
  • We learn how to KNOW and TRUST what we want, and when we want it.
  • We raise our capacity to take in higher levels of nutrients in what we’re eating.
  • We source the “Authority” inside, rather than Out There.

Ready to start eating more authentically?

Here are two of the simplest, most effective things you can do to start right now:

Before you eat ANYTHING:

1. Stop, take a few deep breaths, get centered in your body and just notice how you feel inside.  Put your attention on your physical body and out of your brain for this time, as you’re about to nourish it.

2. Whenever possible while you’re eating, JUST EAT.  Eliminate as many distractions as you can, so you can fully enjoy what you’re eating and discern what you do and don’t fully enjoy. When you do this, your brain will register the real pleasure of eating, so you’ll authentically eat the amount that’s right for you.

So how does all this translate into looking and feeling great in my jeans, you might be asking right now?

As you do this more and more, you’ll start recognizing, deeply know and trust what enough feels like for that meal, in that moment. 

Then you’ll do it again.  And again.  No more pushing, no more deprivation, no more guilt.

 You naturally and organically start knowing what the heck you want and when you want it.

Oh, and your jeans will start fitting you the way you want too! 


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