Will This Be That Year?

While we’re still in the first month of this new year, I want to help you really stay connected and keep moving into a great relationship with eating that you love, and feeling wonderful about your body at the same time.

Maybe you have weight you’d love to let go of for good. Maybe this is the year you want to really feel great, both in and about your body. Maybe you’re ready to learn how to completely enjoy whatever you eat, instead of fighting yourself over it every day.

Maybe it’s a combination of these things. Whatever it feels like for you, for most of us it also comes down to wanting to get this stuff handled in a way that works for us in Real Life. Ways that we like that are sustainable, so we can move on and put energy and attention on the things that matter to us in our lives WITHOUT the constant distractions of what to eat, how much, when, and I want to my jeans fit!

As I’ve been connecting with some of you in the first few weeks of the year, these are some of the things I’ve heard:

“I know how I want to be eating, and I started out okay, but already I’m slipping.”

“It’s getting harder, and not as much fun as when I began. My excitement is waning.”

“I’m frustrated, because even though I know how much I really want this, I’m already wondering, can I really do it this time? Can I really stick with my intentions this year?”

Whether you’re calling yours a goal, a resolution, or a strong intention, NOW is right about the time the rubber meets the road.

For most women when we get a few weeks into a new habit or pattern, the novelty and the momentum can start to fade a little. This is a time when things can get challenging.


There are a lot of potential reasons, and you probably have some that are very specific to you personally. If you want help learning what they are, let’s hop on a free  Deep Clarity Coaching Session and I’ll give you some very personal insights about yours. It’s a fast way to get where you want to go.

But one of the biggest universal reasons is because your old neuron pathways are still stronger than the new ones. The new ones need time and consistency to get stronger.

Think of it this way:

Pretend you’re a farmer, and you drive the same mile long dirt driveway on your property every day. Then you decide to build a new barn, so you re-configure your driveway, so everything works better. The new road takes some time to get smooth, rock-free, and automatic to you. It even takes time to feel good. You still look over at the old one all the time. It looks the same, even though you’re not using it anymore…

But gradually, a little every day, that old roadbed changes from non-use. It begins to revert back to nature. It no longer feels weird not to be driving there. Weeds grow. Meanwhile, driving the new one has become automatic, and natural. It’s become the new normal, and at the same time, the old one is barely visible anymore.

This is how neuron pathways in the brain work. It takes time.

With habits around eating and body image, it can be especially challenging because we HAVE to eat.

To speed the process, here’s a powerful and fun exploration that will help you greatly while you’re moving the roads in your mind. It takes about 20 minutes to create, then you’ll spend less than 5 minutes a day on it –

It’s an exercise that calls forth a high version of yourself, the one you most want to inhabit and bring into form in your habits and daily actions.

Step 1 –
Sit quietly in a relaxed state, and allow yourself to daydream. See yourself as already there, living the result of the thing you’re after. Feel what it feels like and looks like. Notice where you are, what’s around you, who else is there. Hear the words. Be the star in this little movie in your mind.

Step 2 –
Using the most meaningful, evocative words you’ve got, write 1-2 paragraphs in the PRESENT tense about this. Write them as if you’re already there, easily living it all the time. Be there completely.

Step 3 –
Add colorful, visceral emotion language, and include with this your language of gratitude and appreciation for what you have, and how this feels. What surges through you, now that you’re exactly where you want to be? How amazing is this?!

Step 4 –
Stand up and read it out loud. Adjust it until it feels amazing. Until you get goose bumps, or tears come to your eyes because you want it so much.

Step 5 –
Let go of any worry that it doesn’t look or feel true yet; at some level, it is, otherwise you wouldn’t have thought of it, or wanted it. This is literally your future self talking.

Step 6 –
Do it every day, only once, for less than 5 minutes. Then let it go. More than this and your mind can start an argument so keep it light and fun. You’re creating your future in these moments.

And, the final thing?

Get some help. Do it now. With focus, personalized help, the mind movie you create is the one you can be living in by Spring.

Almost all of us need some focused, professional help when permanently changing habits. Make it as easy, as supportive, and as quick as possible, so you can get on with the things that really matter to you.

Schedule your free personalized, no obligation Deep Clarity Coaching Session, and I’ll help you get crystal clear about exactly what you can do to make this YOUR year!

Here’s to re-awakening your natural relationship with food, body and soul,


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