You’re a bit of a skeptic.
I’m glad; I am too.
I think being our own authority
is a beautiful & healthy thing.

Women land here looking for something radically different.
This is that thing:)

What I hear most often is some version of this –

I know a lot about myself, about nutrition and how I want to be eating and caring for myself. I just can’t seem to stay with it long term. Something, somewhere in my life always derails me.

You’ll need 3 things:

Leaf only

You’ll need to understand the language of your body

Leaf only

You’ll need to deeply honor your feelings and your heart

Leaf only

And you’ll probably also need some simple nutritional tweaks

Notice what’s last on that list,
because this is NEVER all about the food.

You’re smart, hard working and heartfelt. You’re generally pretty nutritionally aware but you might feel gaps, confusion, or overwhelm.

At times there’s no space for your inconveniently huge feelings, so they might have to live in dark places, like the bottom of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

You are far from lazy, even though you sometimes confuse fighting for willpower and losing with being lazy.

And you might lean towards perfectionism. Ahem. You there…

You probably already know or at least suspect this –
No book, trendy diet or new way of eating will ever help you create and sustain a healthy relationship with your food and your body until you learn what it really means to feed all of who you are.

You.    Not her.     Not them.    Just you.

The way you’re eating or feeling in your body holds extreme personal power and opportunity for change. If it’s challenging, then it’s also the fertile ground that will teach you what you’re needing to learn about yourself more honestly, elegantly and organically than anything else.

Women tend to find this work when they realize they’re tired of compromising themselves and what they really want. 

They’re done trying to fit a gloriously, wonderfully personal thing like “the perfect sustainably healthy diet and lifestyle for me” into little boxes and lists and charts that don’t honor them as uniquely amazing women with very different personal histories and hearts.

If any of this feels true, you might love it here.

You don’t need to know anything about how or what it will look like to do the work. 

You only need to feel willing to retire your outdated beliefs and self-limiting actions and learn to live into the full expression of all of who you are…  

with the food you eat, the body you live in, the mind that serves you and the spirit that moves you.

We’re drowning in information
yet thirsty for our own true knowledge.

In 24 years not a single woman has told me that she just wants to lose weight. Not one.

All of us want more than this.

A lot more.

We just don’t believe we can have it.

Most of us weren’t supported or validated in these longings in our personal histories and current culture, so it can feel a lot like swimming mostly alone against an unrelenting current.

If you stop to rest, you worry you might lose the momentum you fought so hard to gain, both with your health and by extension, the difference you came here to make in the world.

You may also be sensing a block, a stone in your path.

This is the gift of your own piercing inner knowing, a Coyote-like trickster knowing which stone to put in your path that will get your attention like nothing else will!

And smart, responsible, hard working you keeps tripping on that perfectly placed stone, even though you know it’s there.

These stones tend to show up in various forms…

  • The extra weight that will not leave.
  • The sleep you desperately need that will not come.
  • The cravings you can’t ignore or willpower away.
  • The voice you do not raise.
  • The fatigue, or lack of sex drive or low mood.
  • The chronic drama with work or relationship.
  • The trance of too much food, wine or shopping.

Our time together really helped me put a lot of things in perspective. I feel at peace with my food and my body, and my extra weight is still melting off.
Professionally things are going so well for me. It all feels right now. I have a very balanced work week and I am loving my days again.I am ready to move forward with my career and be joyful.
You said to me when we first started working together that I still have a lot left to give to the world. You were so right! I am feeling incredibly confident.
I am proud of myself that I am able to make the right decisions for my health and happiness, this is such a big step for me.
I send you blessings, bliss, joy and love.”

~ LuAnn, Professional Artist and Retail Store Owner

Maybe you’re starting to feel this in your bones:

Work of this nature isn’t optional any more.

It’s food for your soul.

This is your soul-mending time, resting into yourself like you’ve NEVER done before.

In 60 minutes I’ll help you take the first steps unique to you that can permanently change how you’re eating
and feeling about your body.

This is my work in the world and as such it’s a zero strings attached gift.
And it’s good to say yes to the gifts the universe plunks in front of us:)