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From Sabotage to Sovereign: Free Ebook

When you know you’re done trying to fit yourself into a box, then work of this nature isn’t optional anymore.
Come home to yourself…it’s soul-mending time.

From Sabotage to Sovereignty:
6 Essential Practices for Relaxed Self-Trust with Eating
This is a 60 page Book with a wealth of inspiration!

You’ll also get the Newsletter Stockpot about twice a month with tips, opportunities & inspiration on women, food and soul.

Deep Clarity Session

In 60 minutes I’ll help you take the first steps unique to you that can permanently change how you’re eating and feeling about your body. This is my work in the world and as such it’s a zero strings attached gift.

If all this breakthrough Clarity Coaching Session does is help you stop judging yourself, support you to feel calm and trust with food, or show you a source of peace and ease around eating, would it be worth your time?

Self-Connection | Calm Awareness | Eating Authentically

The SoulNourish© Monthly Free Gathering

Magic happens when we practice together!

We gather in the virtual livingroom each month for an hour with a topic you’re hungry for. It’s informal, inspirational and creative! 

I support the group with:

  • Personal exploration in the company of fellow women warriors. 
  • Practical nutritional support and simple rituals to bring you back home in yourself. 
  • Letting go of the stuff you don’t need anymore and planting seeds for what you want instead!
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Sovereign Sage - A Positive Intelligence© Foundations Course

We’ve all got Saboteurs yet even though most of us know it, we don’t really know what to do about it. Especially in times of high stress, fatigue or challenge. Cue the third glass of wine and the whole bar of chocolate after a hard day and the sarcasm in your partner’s voice:)

This 8-Week Course is offered 1-2 times a year.It teaches Positive Intelligence©, a cutting edge neuroscience-based practical and easy to do set of  powerful practices for weakening the lifelong Saboteurs and liberating the Sage wisdoms that live in every one of us!

Private Coaching with Marina

Let me know my own value, beauty and worthiness without question  ~ Tosha Silver

This is your most powerful choice if:

You want results fast
You haven’t been able to stay with new behaviors long term
Your confidence and belief in yourself has been shaken
You love personal support and shine with it
You tend to thrive with structure/practices highly customized to who you are and what you want
You don’t have extended experience in brain habit re-training

“I sought Marina’s help because I had gained weight, was being compulsive with food and was really unhappy with this. The work we did was very effective in helping me understand and release issues in relationship to my eating. It’s much easier to stay on track with myself and not overeat now.
Marina helped me get into a deeper connection with the true part of me that wanted to speak and that actually had the answers that ring true for me.
I connected with the part of me that sabotages and freezes when I get stressed out. Because of this I’m far more aware and making much better choices for myself.”

~ Beth, Author Coach and Intuitive Guide

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SoulNourish© Free Monthly Women’s Gathering

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