For sensitive women

who are tired of feeling powerless, discouraged or stress about eating,

Maybe it's time for something radically different.

You can learn to create a calm, self-trusting relationship with food and your body
that’s actually enjoyable and nourishes all of who you are –
Body, Mind and Spirit.

It’s do-able, simple and sustainable,
and it can become as natural and right for you as the breath you just took.

First, it takes the willingness to let go of what we think we already know…

The outdated strategies of
willpower, restriction, or the elusive
perfect way to eat can't work sustainably.
This is why -

Everything’s connected to everything else through our bodies – it’s why emotions, energy levels and relationships often make or break how we eat, no matter what we told ourselves last night about how we’re going to eat today.

It’s why, say, an argument with our partner this morning might find us wrapped around a venti mocha and a scone, with a side of brain fog and an all too familiar sense of shame an hour later.. 

Until we learn how to honor and be deeply WITH the emotions, energetics and physicality of these human creatures we are, the stresses of life will often keep showing up in a chronically challenging relationship with food – this is why smart and far-from lazy women tend to work really hard at this for so long without being able to get our results to last.

This is emotional eating. This is self-sabotage. This is why chronic dieting is so rampant. We heal this when we learn how to unhook the way we feel from the way we eat.  

And the interrelatedness between eating and life is one of the biggest reasons why the typical, old school linear approaches to weight loss and eating mindfully don’t stick. If you’re like me and you’ve tried a few over the years, you probably already feel this in your bones:)

Maybe you often over-eat in spite of your good intentions
and then feel discouraged, wondering if you’ll ever really figure out how to get off this roller coaster and enjoy your food (and your life) more.

Or you might worry that you’re doing it wrong or missing something when another friend raves about the newest version of keto, paleo, raw or intermittent fasting diet…

Take heart. It’s probably because you just don’t know how to be your own Inner Nutritionist yet.

In 60 minutes I’ll help you take the first steps unique to you that can permanently change how you’re eating
and feeling about your body.

This is my work in the world and as such it’s a zero strings attached gift.
And it’s good to say yes to the gifts the universe plunks in front of us:)

You might feel at home here if...

Leaf only

You’re hungry for much more and better results than another diet-y little box that assumes we’re all the same, metabolically, physically or psychologically. We’re not. One size will never fit all. 

Leaf only

You suspect that just more talk about only the surface aspects of eat less/exercise more, good/bad food is an over-simplification, and it misses something you need. It’s not helping you figure out how to have what you really want in your food life while being a gorgeously vivid spirit in a unique human body.

Leaf only

You’ve spent a lot of life doing the right thing, or doing what you were good at and enjoying some successes along the way. Now you want to celebrate success here, in the form of a peaceful relationship to food in a healthy body you can honestly love.

Understanding and honoring how food connects to the rest of life strengthens our ability to land fully and unapologetically in our life's gifts, desires and our personal power.

If you sense any of the following are connected to all this, you’re wise and you’re right:

  • Weight Challenges
  • Emotional Eating and Overeating
  • Body Image and Confidence
  • Digestive Challenges
  • Low Energy and Fatigue
  • Mood Concerns
  • Nutritionally Related Health Complaints
  • Menopause and Postpartum Issues

“When I really got connected with my body and my direct experience, I learned I don’t have to control or fight anything. The food I ate was directly reflecting how I felt about myself at a deep level, but I didn’t know how to change that before doing this work. I am eating exactly what I want now, it’s easy, my clothes fit, and all I had to give up was dis-liking myself. Amazing! “
~ Johanna, Service Business Owner

Healing your relationship with food can create a ripple effect
that supports you in standing solidly
 in the river of life of your own life.

Once we learn how to access real truth
from the inside out, information overload fades.
Things get quiet and simple.

We become the inner nutritionist we thought was Out There.
We start to trust that THIS body will tell us what she really wants and needs.
From here, right actions nourished with this self-trust become easier, lighter and feel way more spacious.

Which describes you best?

I’m here to do big things with my life, but I’m not feeling as confident as I’d like. How I feel about my body & my eating habits is getting in my way.

 I want to change how I’m eating and I’m ready to feel better both in and about my body. I’ve got health challenges that might be related.

Something’s off. I feel disconnected from myself and my life. I’m not relaxed, happy or very fulfilled. I want some clarity I can trust.

When you know you’re done trying to fit yourself into a box,
then work of this nature isn’t optional anymore.
Come home to yourself…it’s soul-mending time.

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Marina Francis, Certified Professional Coaching in

Eating Psychology
Body-Centered Therapy
Conscious Relationship Transformation

Sustainable practices for a trusting, relaxed relationship with self-nourishment…body, mind and soul.

I absolutely love helping visionary women move from disempowering eating that drains them into an authentic relationship with food that nourishes and sustains them in being fully visible, both personally and professionally.

When we learn how to reconnect to body food and spirit in a radically new way, we become relaxed eaters, deeply landing in our personal power, self worth and body affection. We honor the direct relationship between how we eat and who we are in every aspect of life. We drop the subtle habits of waiting… to fully live, love and deeply savor our lives. And this is the place where we finally create the results we’ve been hungry for all along.

I’ve been liberated and inspired by my work as a personal, spiritual and mind body transformation coach and a mentor and writer for 20+ years.

"You’re compassionately fierce and lovingly committed to my results. You’re a true expert!"