Soul Nourishment
Maybe You're Not Falling Apart.
Maybe You're Falling Together...

Eating is a comfort, a grounding and a placeholder for events and emotions we haven't known how to move past yet.

I hear some version of this from many women right now:

“Something’s off. I’m not relaxed, happy or very fulfilled. This life doesn’t feel like my own and I want some clarity I can trust.”

When something’s off, everything else in life can suffer too. For women especially, everything’s connected to everything else. I’ll help you clarify the “something”  and help you heal the wound that’s asking to be seen.

We’re living through challenging times – the huge impacts of environmental, racial, political imbalances and global health issues are deeply affecting us all. We’re human but we’re also animals with highly sensitive nervous systems that need to feel safe and stabile in a fast moving world..

These states of mind, body and soul can make it really hard to stick with your intentions for healthy eating, and chronic stress, anxiety or overwhelm weaken metabolism, immunity, energy and mood, so already you’re at a disadvantage.

It’s common to try to calm ourselves with comfort foods or overeating, or eating to numb from the emotions we’re feeling –

But piling too much on an an already overloaded nervous system leaves us feeling worse than ever…

Leaf only

Too much food, sugar, carbs or alcohol

Leaf only

Too much news, social media, self-judgement or negativity

Leaf only

Too much to pay attention and respond to

Take heart.
The messages your body is giving you are highly intelligent - to go inside, to slow down and listen intently - they’re invitations to grow into new parts of yourself.

Getting Off Track is Essential to Our Growth
~ Danielle laPorte

I’ve gone through this doorway kicking and screaming a few times. Now I trust that the gift on the other side is that I get to awaken and heal something in myself that needed the disruption, even the health crisis to get my attention.

Each time it’s helped me become more of who I want to be, a more empowered Sovereign Sage version of myself.

A Sovereign Sage Woman knows her heart and learns to listen deeply to herself amidst the noise of the world.

She know how to do this because she’s taken the time to hear what her body says..this is often a subtle whisper and most of us don’t know how to do this.

Gut wisdom is a real thing.

Think about that relationship, or that thing that happened where you knew, you just KNEW something was off…and you over-rode your knowing, and later found out your instinct was spot on.

The Sovereign Sage woman lives from the inside out…this comes from feeling her authentic flow from her body-centered knowing, honoring and implicitly trusting this undeniable wisdom.

The way you’re eating or feeling in your body holds extreme personal power and opportunity for change. If it’s challenging, then it’s also the fertile ground that will teach you what you’re needing to learn about yourself more honestly, elegantly and organically than anything else.


It Becomes Part of Your Life's Teaching...

There is Safe, Sensitive Support for You Here if You're Experiencing:

  • Effects of early developmental trauma
  • Life transitions – separation, a move, a death, illness, growing older
  • A sense that you’re pushing boulders uphill towards something you can’t quite name or see.
  • Menopausal or postpartum emotional challenges or hormonal swings.
  • The feeling that everyone else has it all together, or feeling invisible
  • The pain of the huge impacts of environmental, racial, and political systems and COVID.

Part of our sacred contract is to learn what it means to inhabit and trust our own deep worthiness.

Mindful and sensitive guidance is powerful, because our original wounds happened in relationship.
That means we’ve got this beautiful opportunity to heal in a relationship – this is the opportunity and the gift of a mindful, safe empowering coaching relationship.
We are not separate. We are a tribe, and we need each other.

With every client, I weave science and soul together:

The gorgeous work-in-progress art that is you, your body wisdom and your life.
The practical science of sabotage and habit change in cutting edge neuroscience.


We invite both seen and unseen.
We befriend known and unknown.
We listen to logical and emotional.
And we celebrate heart, mind and soul.

What Women are Saying:

“Ahh, how grateful I am to be on this journey with food.  Even if it feels like creating new ways of relating to it are difficult,this is where I bring in kindness to myself when I feel myself leaning towards food as the source for being fulfilled, nurtured, and loved. 

I became reminded of my innate wisdom – that beneath any worry or doubt, I know how to deeply care for myself. I remembered that ah, yes my wise elder self is always with me, and it takes time and attention to reconnect with her, to allow for that spaciousness.

Moving forward, I wish to keep coming back to what is stirring inside–and whatever decisions I make will naturally be aligned with who I am. 

I so deeply appreciate who you are Marina, and the way that you hold space with so much care and integrity.”
~ Teagan, Waldorf Educator


Maybe you’re starting to feel this in your bones:

Work of this Nature isn’t optional anymore, it’s food for your soul. This is your soul-mending time, resting into yourself like you’ve never done before.

In 60 minutes I’ll help you take the first steps into deep Soul Nourishment. 
This is my work in the world and as such it’s a zero strings attached gift.