Sustaining Empowering
Healthy Habits & Practices

Take a Deep Breath and
Feel into Your Body for What's Familiar Here:

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You chronically sabotage your good intentions with food

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You have weight you’d like to release

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Willpower isn’t working

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You want to eat better and feel better, both in and about your body

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You know a fair amount about nutrition, but it’s not helping you with momentum

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You’ve got some health issues that might be food related

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You’re smart and you tend to get sh*t done in your life:)

You're likely feeling frustrated, discouraged and disempowered

You’ve tried a few different ways to change your eating habits and your diet, but you can’t seem to stay with it. It might feel boring or dull and you can’t imagine facing a lifetime of eating like that. You wonder why you can’t stick with the things  you keep telling yourself you need and want to do.

Add to this the huge impacts of environmental, racial, political imbalances and global health issues affecting us all.

We need each other.   We’re not meant to carry all this by ourselves.

And you probably already know or at least suspect this –
No book, trendy diet or new way of eating will ever help you create and sustain a healthy relationship with your food and your body until you learn what it really means to feed all of who you are.

Be crumbled so wildflowers
will come up where you are.
You have been stony for too many years.
Try something different. Surrender.
~ Rumi

If you’ve been working hard on the good/bad, the right/wrong or the newest way of eating or dieting, and not getting the lasting results you crave, I have good news…

It’s not just about the food. It’s never ONLY about the food.

And YES, you’ll get plenty of powerful practices and nuts-and bolts nutritional support here too!

But when we focus only on what we eat or don’t eat, we work way too hard on the wrong things, and we miss the things that make habits truly sustainable and deeply satisfying.

We’re feeding ourselves too much information
yet hungry for our own true knowledge.

The old school ways didn’t work
for a couple of reasons:

  • We weren’t bringing in nearly enough kind self-honesty to replace
    the self-shaming judgement

  • We didn’t know how to use state of the art neuroscience for shifting habits

  • We didn’t have a simple structure to hold us in that new place for long enough to create the new neuron pathways we now understand we need to build truly lasting changes.

  • We also didn’t realize how much we’ve needed to bring our own soul in…


Maybe you want to re-claim that high energy you had, have your clothes fit better, enjoy lights on sex, release weight or heal health challenges.

Real shifts happen when we do the work to know who we are as both an eater and the unique beings we are.

We also need to build an intentional, conscious relationship with ourselves and our incredible, gorgeous bodies. Yes, looking at you there…!

Eating challenges are a placeholder for something else in our lives, present or past. It’s often something we no longer need; if it’s past the expiration date it can become toxic. Just like the old food in the refrigerator:)


Your body - through weight, overeating or symptoms - is trying to tell you something.
Are you ready to hear it's wisdom?

Your Body Never Lies -
That's the Simple Beauty and Promise of This Work.
It Will Support You With:

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Weight Challenges

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Emotional Eating or Overeating

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Body Affection Body Confidence

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Digestive Challenges

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Stress, Overwhelm Anxiety and Mood concerns

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Low Energy or Fatigue

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Nutritionally Related Health Complaints

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Postpartem and Menopause Issues

With every client I weave both
science and soul –

The gorgeous work-in-progress art that is you, your body wisdom and your life.

And the practical science of sabotage and habit change in cutting edge neuroscience.


We invite both seen and unseen.
We befriend known and unknown.
We listen to logical and emotional.

And we celebrate heart, mind and soul.

You can do this.  You’ve got this.

In 60 minutes I’ll help you take the first steps unique to you that can permanently change how you’re eating
and feeling about your body.

This is my work in the world and as such it’s a zero strings attached gift.
And it’s good to say yes to the gifts the universe plunks in front of us:)

What Women are Saying:

“I sought out Marina’s help because I had gained weight, was being compulsive with food and was really unhappy with this.  The work we did was very effective in helping me understand and release issues in the relationship to my eating.
It’s much easier to stay on track with myself and not overeat now. I’m in a deeper connection with the true part of me that wanted to speak and that actually had the answers that ring true for me.
And I connected with the part of me that sabotages and freezes when I get stressed out. Because of this I’m far more aware and making much better choices for myself. “
~ Beth, Author Coach and Intuitive Guide