Visionary Women

The World Will be Saved by
the Western Women
~ the Dalai Lama

You feel the call to do bigger things in bigger ways that both excite you and scare the crap out of you.
It might be in your business or work but not necessarily…

Maybe your vision lives somewhere else – your parenting or your art, your activism or your relationships. You also may be quiet, highly sensitive or introverted in the ways you naturally embody your visions and dreams.

You’re basically a leader whether you use the word or not:)

And you know that somehow, your relationship with food, eating and how you feel about your body is holding you back. 

You can feel it chipping away at the unapologetic power, confidence and energy you need in order to show up fully for yourself and for your calling.

A crisis of confidence is common when this happens – we endlessly second-guess ourselves or get caught in an exhausting loop of perfectionism, never feeling or trusting our own power.

Never really doing the things out there in the world that make our hearts sing…

You might be living in ways that put you visible publicly yet you feel completely shut down inside. At the same time you might feel exhausted and overloaded with all the calls to do more, be more, follow more, learn more…

Successful women are often told very subtly how to act, look and be that it can feel like SO MUCH WORK to hold true to our inner voice in this incredibly noisy we’re living in.

Add to this the huge impacts of environmental, racial, political imbalances and global health issues affecting us all.

If You’re:…

Leaf only

Secretly avoiding being visible and seen in the world

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Comparing yourself or a perfectionist

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Inconsistent – doing a lot of starting and stalling

Leaf only

Chronic low energy and chronic stress

Leaf only

Hiding behind overeating

Leaf only

Gaining weight or have slowed metabolism

Leaf only

Have trouble sleeping or resting

Leaf only

Feeling stagnant or uninspired

Leaf only

Not feeling connected or available with your significant people

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You need to know the language of your bodyAfraid you’re missing out, or not measuring up

…Then you’re in the right place

The world is so ready for the fully embodied woman to lead. The woman who is calm, confident fully alive, who walks in her truth and knows her worth.

This comes from cultivating and practicing exceptional body awareness.  Visionaries and true leaders need range, so we expand our range by becoming deeply body conscious, body confident and body literate. It’s how we invite others into their own gifts.

You don’t have to go it alone, but you will need to discover yourself without all the overlays, beliefs and frankly lies of the mass dieting/health consciousness that tell you to eat less, exercise more, and put food into moral categories.


Can you trust yourself to allow your own evolution to take place? Do you love yourself enough?

This is What You'll Need:

Simple yet radical self care on your terms.
Strong self-love and affection.
A PhD in self empathy!
Sacred boundaries with yourself, and with them.
A really good set of power and presencing practices,
and the skills to use them.

You'll Need to Become a Sovereign Sage

For 24 years I’ve taught visionary women how to transform disempowering eating habits that drain them into a relationship with food that nourishes and sustains them in being authentically visible, both personally and professionally.

This is power with yourself instead of power over yourself. So much easier. So much more fun.

This is the end of giving power away to experts and the reclaiming inner authority and wisdom…on all levels.

Energetically. Financially. Visibly.
With Pleasure and with Joy

With every client I weave science and soul:

The gorgeous work-in progress art that is you, your body wisdom and your life.

The practical science of sabotage and habit change in cutting edge neuroscience.


We invite both seen and unseen.
We befriend known and unknown.
We listen to logical and emotional.
And we celebrate heart, mind and soul.

If we’re going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is with women. ~ Desmond Tutu

What Women are Saying:

“Our time together really helped me put a lot of things in perspective. I feel at peace with my food and my body, and my extra weight is still melting off. 
Professionally things are going so well for me. It all feels right now. I have a very balanced work week and I am loving my days again.
I am ready to move forward with my newest career and be joyful. You said to me when we first started working together that I still have a lot left to give to the world. You were so right!
I am feeling incredibly confident. I am proud of myself that I am able to make the right decisions for my health and happiness, this is such a big step for me.
Sending you blessings, bliss, joy and love.”
~ LuAnn, Artist and Retail Store Owner

As visionaries we’re women who ask a lot of our life’s experience, and we are ready to do this in more loving, sustainable ways!
It’s incredibly liberating to compost the old exhaustion-inducing scripts that our masculinized culture has taught us to settle for.

That’s what the world is asking us to step into more now than ever in health, deep nourishment and in walking the path of a Sovereign Sage woman. 

Do you keep getting signs that life is asking you to fully embody your power and shine in your visibility?