Harnessing the Power and Flow of Your Creative Wisdom

I recently moved to a new home in a new state and in the middle all this busyness of settling in, finding my way around, cleaning 3 houses, selling and buying stuff, I had this giant drive to make things for our new house.

This made zero sense to me as a “logical” priority.

I decided to let it find its way in me anyway, and to trust that.
I’m really glad I did, because it helped me land into life, this life, today, and here.

And interestingly it also helped me land more easily, I think, into a flow in the other places in my life – my client schedule and work, remodeling, learning the new geography.

Allowing the non-linear, SO not logical art projects to unfold helped me to ground, and I found I could expand my vision even when I was tired, and see more of what life was asking me to see.

The bottom line is this:

If you find yourself stuck in a pattern, or a rut or something you’re just flat out unhappy with, this is a great place to look…inward towards your creative self. Creativity is a flow state; it opens up space in us that sometimes doesn’t easily open up any other way.

It’s getting our brain out of they way long enough to ask “What wants to come through me?”
So it might be about art or something artistic but it might not…

It’s an energy, an orientation, a wider space you can step into and from this wider space you can see more,
and ask yourself different questions.

Creativity is a huge word, so it might be an insight, or some words you hear yourself say to your best friend that surprise you. Being willing to trust your instinct, let your brain sit on the sidelines is key to using your creative flow to create more vibrance, more juiciness in your life and your solutions to things.

The next you feel stuck,  remembering, honoring and allowing your creativity to flow can help you
land more fully into life…your beautiful life.  

One woman wrote in response to this –
“Creativity has saved my life. Allowing it to move emotions through me is key!”


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